Horticulture 3-layered tunnel film

The film which you may find in our offer is made of 3 layers which are joined together. In the production process only highest quality raw materials are used, therefore, the film is very strong and resistant to stretching, tearing or breaking. It has also very good light transmittance and is resistant to UV radiation. The 3 layer film is used to protect and to quicken the vegetation of plants which are cultivated under shadings. The film quickens and increases the crops growth. It is used in periods of lower temperatures as it is a perfect protection from frost.

Instructions for use:
- the surface of the tunnel’s structure which adheres to the film must be smooth and sharp edges must be removed or secured with the use of pieces of film etc.
- the film must be fixed in temperature above zero degrees Celsius
- the tension of the film should be strong enough to resist the blows of the wind
- the film which is left on the tunnel for winter time shrinks by 1 – 2 %

Dimensions available:
- 6 m x 33 m, UV for 2 seasons, blue colour
- 6 m x 33 m, UV for 4 seasons, green colour


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